The class names at Ashley Junior School follow the theme of birds, as we all aim to be 'high fliers'.

Year 3 classes:

Kestrel Kestrel Class - Miss Martin

Wren Wren Class - Mrs Witney

Year 4 classes:

Kingfisher Kingfisher Class - Mrs Morgan and Mrs Saddler
 Firecrest Class - Mr Killen
Skylark Skylark Class - Mr Cox

Year 5 classes:

Barn Owl Barn Owl Class - Mrs Deverill and Mrs Hannam

Eagle Eagle Class - Mr Wakelin

Year 6 classes:

Osprey Osprey Class - Mrs Thew and Mrs Wakelin

Merlin Merlin Class - Miss Jones

Learning Support Unit:

Robin Robin Class - Mrs Harling

Contact Us:

Telephone: 01425 616510 | Fax: 01425 629130

Ofsted Says:

This is a good school! Pupils in all year groups achieve well. They make good progress in reading, writing and mathematics. Click here to see the full report

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