The class names at Ashley Junior School follow the theme of birds, as we all aim to be ‘high fliers’.

Year 3 classes:

Kestrel Kestrel Class – Mrs Pounds

Wren Wren Class – Miss Hawkins

Year 4 classes:

Kingfisher Kingfisher Class – Miss Plumley

Skylark Skylark Class – Mr Cox

Year 5 classes:

Barn Owl Barn Owl Class – Mrs Deverill and Mrs Hannam

Eagle Eagle Class – Mr Wakelin

Year 6 classes:

Osprey Osprey Class – Mrs Morgan and Mrs Wakelin

Merlin Merlin Class – Mrs Pepin

 Hawk Class – Mrs Witney

Learning Support Unit:

Robin Robin Class – Mrs Harling

Contact Us:

Telephone: 01425 616510 | Fax: 01425 629130

Ofsted Says:

This is a good school! Pupils really enjoy attending Ashley Junior School. They say it is a great place to learn. One pupil said, ‘Our school is always full of happy faces.’ They are consistently engaged in learning because teachers make it fun. Click here to see the full report