School lunches / milk



Hot school lunches are available every day here at Ashley Junior School. Lunches are provided by Hampshire’s preferred supplier HC3S.

The cost of a school lunch £2.50; payment is online through scopay the minimum payment will therefore be £12.50.

There are always 2 options, one of which will be vegetarian. The children make their choice of lunch in the classroom each morning. If you know that your child will not be in until mid morning (for a medical appointment for example) please do ensure you call the office to book your child a lunch. Bookings cannot be accepted after 10.45am.

If you would rather provide your child with a packed lunch each day that is fine. Children with packed lunches also eat in the dinner hall. For packed lunch inspiration follow this link:

Lunch Menu

HC3S Web Content for Primary Schools

BBC good food guide.

Paying for lunches:

The best way to pay for your child’s school lunches is with our online payment system – Scopay. You will need to have a code from the school to set up your Scopay account, but you can then use the same account to make all your school dinner and trip payments.

Free School Meals:

You may qualify for Free School Meals if you are in receipt of some benefits or tax credits.

You can very quickly check on the Hampshire website whether you are eligible. You will need your child’s details, plus your date of birth and National Insurance Number. 

Follow the link below to find out more about Free School Meals:

School milk:

We work in partnership with Cool Milk to offer milk in school every day. If you are on Free School Meals this milk is free to your child, but you do need to tell us that you would like your child to have it (see letter below).

If you are not on Free School Meals you need to arrange the milk for your child with Cool Milk directly and you will pay Cool Milk directly (the cost is currently 22p per day). Cool Milk then supplies us with a list of children who should have milk each week. You can fill in the form (see below) and send it to Cool Milk, or register online at their website.

Cool Milk sign up form (non-Free School Meals)

Cool Milk website


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