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Kingfisher class is taught by Mrs Harvey, Skylark class is taught by Mr Wakelin and Firecrest is taught by Miss Tuckley and Mrs Stern



Spelling List Years 3 And 4

100 high frequency words

200 high frequency words

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Curriculum Maps – what we are learning about this term:

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Year 3 and 4 spelling list (the government list of words children should be able to spell by the end of Year 4)

Have a look at this wonderful piece of work and the animation Link below By Alice:


                                     THE VIKINGS WHO CAME TO TEA
                                                BY AN ANGLO SAXON 
Once some Vikings got invited to a feast at an Anglo-Saxon house. When they arrived at the house, they knocked on the door and went inside. They had brought with them: some meat, some vegetables and some spices. The Anglo Saxons said, “are you ready for the feast ?!” They said yes, we are. 
A while later they were, they gathered into a room that was the only room in the house used for eating, sleeping and socialising with one and another.

The Anglo Saxons brought out some food. It was bread, porridge, fruit and vegetables. Then the Vikings said “no thanks. We don’t eat that stuff. We have got some food with us anyway. He thought that the Viking family were quite rude, but they were very well groomed. 

After the feast was finished, they tidied up the plates and washed them in a barrel full of salty water. Then they put them away in a cupboard that was next to the table. Then they went outside and sat around a campfire and sang a song called That’s the Order.

After they had finished singing around the campfire, they all played runes. But the Anglo Saxons didn’t understand the Vikings game of runes because they had different rules.

After a while they got bored of the game, so they went home and took a little present with them. It was a new barrel! They liked it very much and they said that it was very nice of them to give it to them because theirs was old and broken. They said goodbye and left the Anglo Saxons alone for the rest of the night.

By Alice


Year 4 letters home:

Once term has started you will be able to find all the Year 4 letters home here.

Year 4 trips 2020-21:

It is likely that this academic year Year 4 will be going on the following trips / events:

Christmas Dance




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