Osmington Bay 2016

Thursday 10th March 10.30pm

It was a busy day in Osmington today. There was fencing, high ropes and the climbing walls! Take a look at the photos of today’s activities…..

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Thursday 10th March 3.30pm

The breakfasts at Osmington are very good!

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Thursday 10th March 8.30am

It’s a beautiful morning in Osmington!


Wednesday 9th March 9.30pm

It was really very wet down in Osmington today, but the forecast is looking much better for tomorrow and Friday. As expected some of the activities had to change today and the children spent more time inside; they did some problem solving games and played games in the gym. Everyone’s looking very happy in spite of the rain!

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Wednesday 9th March – 12 noon

It is very wet and windy in Osmington this morning, but everyone is in good spirits. The activities today will be a little different to those planned because of the bad weather.

We finally have a few photos for you! Uploading photos from Osmington is very problematic as there is very little WIFI signal and no 4G. Mr Cousins is doing his best to send photos as he can. Take a look at the gallery below……

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Tuesday 8th March – 8.15am.

Everyone has slept well. Today they are looking forward to the giant swing, a beach walk, a sensory trail and the climbing wall!

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